Golf Conditioning, rehab and eduction

Performing to the best of your capability isn’t just about being trained harder or training more. It’s about being trained with specialist knowledge and a dedicated tailored approach to you.

 I work with my clients to understand their body and movement in relation to their sport and their unique goals. I apply the relevant theory client by client. I use the latest technology and work with the brightest people. Most importantly I have the right attitude to get people not just fitter, but performing  stronger, more skilfully and better than their very best. 

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"Andy has been the biggest help to my football career to date with helping me keep fit and getting to know how my body actually works."

​Muzzy Carayol, Middlesborough FC - 2013

My services

After 20+ years in the fitness, football and golf industry I now have the knowledge, expertise and experience to help football and golf players increase performance in their field. Being qualified in sports teaching, coaching, fitness, strength and rehab enables me to work on the bigger picture.


'Since working with Drisc, Ive learnt how to manage and periodise my training in the optimum way to allow me to stay fit and get stronger and fitter through football movements. I wish I started this regime 5 years ago.


Joe Cole, Coventry City F.C - 2016


Andy is a highly experienced strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer, and has worked in biomechanics, movement assessment and correction for as long as I've known him (getting on for a decade now). His approach is supported by the findings of my own PhD research.


Mark Hines

Professional adventurer and endurance athlete, an exercise physiologist and biomechanist, and a writer.


​I have known Andy for the past 8 years and I have worked with him assessing, formulating prehab and rehab programmes for professional footballers. I have also made use of Andy's knowledge of football periodisation programmes. Together with our youth coach Paul Driver he directed the training. This led to the youth team winning their league and cup plus also reaching the quarter finals of the FAY Cup. Without question if I had the budget available to me I would employ Andy at Luton town fc. I can pay him no higher compliment 

Simon Parsell

Head of Medical Luton Town FC 

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