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About Me

My passion for sports was founded in football from a very young age. By 13, I was playing for West Ham United FC, training with their Academy of Football. It nurtured my discipline and love of the game. By 17 I was playing professional football with Brentford FC. I suffered a knee injury at 18 which impacted on my career in football, but never took away my enthusiasm for the game and the wider area of sports and fitness.

No one really knew how to deal with my injury in those early days, which made me curious and doubtful of the classic school of thought around sports conditioning. Running cross country, training in the gym and kicking a ball didn’t seem a scientific enough or personalised enough approach to strengthen our bodies and fine tune our raw talent. Injuries like mine were rife and the approach seemed flawed to me from the start!

When I decided to pursue a career in sports conditioning and personal training, I wanted to learn as much as possible about the human body and about different and new training approaches. This thirst for knowledge and commitment to my belief has led me to some innovative and exciting training experiences and courses over the years. I have an extensive set of credentials that genuinely help me do my job better and now I have finally started to take my football coaching licences after years of coaching teams at amateur level which will only help with my conditioning for football.

I have been privileged to work with some great clients since 1996, from individuals through to club teams. I have worked alongside and been inspired by some wonderful forward-thinking clinicians over the years. And in recent times I have taught education courses for ‘Faster Global’ and ‘Faster Golf Results’ to trainers, coaches, S&C, PGA pro's, therapists and clinicians.  Articles published in Ultra fit and national club golfer magazines for golf condtioning. I am curently coaching at U12's, a football academy U16-19's and a professional level U18s working on the overall football performance of the teams as well as the individuals. I also spend my time travelling around europe presenting, consulting, teaching and learning from the best.

I am as passionate about sports and fitness as I was as a 13 year old rookie. The difference is now I have wisdom and experience on my side and the skills needed to help other people achieve their goals.


My real love away from Football and golf is mountain biking and snowboarder of 15 years.

Now working on golf performance at dukes meadows using the golf range, gym and powerplate and ski performance with the gym, powerplate and skiplex.

Memberships, Qualifications & CPD

Member of:

FA Licensed Coaches Club

Football Medicine & Performance Association

YMCA, Fitness Training Certificate L2 - 1996

Premier Training
Diploma in Fitness Training & Sports Massage L3 - 1998

Masters Diploma in Personal Training - 2004

Advanced Sports Therapy techniques - 1999

Advanced Personal Training - 2004

Resisted Movement Training - 2006
Movement Based Flexibility - 2007

Advanced Nutrition for Physical Performance - 2015

Advanced Nutrition for Weight Management - 2016

Active IQ

Award in Education and Training L3 - 2014

Diploma in Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy L4 - 2015

Certificate in Education and Training L4 (student) - 2020-21


Sports Genetics - 2015

Nutrigenetics - 2015

Chek, Golf Biomechanic Intensive - 2006

UKSCA - 2006

Functional Movement Screen - 2006


Basic & Advanced - 2007

Certified Power Plate Trainer (CPPT) Fundamentals - 2014

Golf performance education - 2014

Certified Master Trainer (CMT) - 2014

Football performance education - 2015

Advanced Functional Trainer - 2008

Diploma in Functional Performance - 2008
Diploma in Functional Therapy - 2008
Fitness Training Expert - 2012
Specialist in Football Performance - 2012
Specialist in Golf Performance - 2012

GAIN, Apprentorship in Athletic Performance, USA - 2012

World Football Academy - Football Coach Evolution

Football Periodisation Mentorship - Holland - 2014

                                                  Cardiff - 2019

Football Expert Meeting - Barcelona - 2015

                                     Feyunoord academy - 2016

                                     Club Brugge - 2018

FCE 5 day Expert Online - 2021

L1 Online mentorship - 2020-21

L2 Online Expert - 2020-21

L3 Online Pro - 2021-22

Football fitness periodisation online course - 2021

Principles of football braining - 2015

Basic football periodisation - 2016

Football Rehab & Strength - 2019

1 day football braining - 2019

1 day football tactics - 2019


Certificate in Coaching Football L2 - 2014

UEFA B Licence - 2015

UEFA A licence - 2020

Youth Award Module 1 & 2 - 2015

                   Module 3 - 2016

Futsal L1 - 2016

Coaching disabled footballers - 2017

Psychology Award L1 - 2016

Talent Identification: an introduction to scouting L1 - 2016

Mentoring Adults - 2018

FIFA, Diploma in Football Medicine - 2017

The Video

Video Analysis for beginners - 2014

Excel for analysts - 2017

Dartfish - 2017


Introduction to football analytics - 2021

Modern Scouting and data driven recruitment - 2022

Langton football services, How to scout the opposition - 2016 & 2017

PFSA - Intro in to football scouting L1 - 2016

Gray Institute
NG360 Golf Performance Specialist - 2012

Certificate in Applied Functional Science - 2013

3D Maps - 2015

Kinesio Taping UK

Fundamentals KT1 - 2013

Advanced KT2 - 2013

Sports KT3 - 2014

Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner - 2014

Lymphoedema KT3 - 2015

Dr Mike Kane, Orthotic Reaction - 2011

Dr Nicholas Studholme 

Functional Nutrition - 2011

Functional Fascial Techniques - 2011

IAM Tools, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization - 2013

Pain Science

KnowPain, Mike Stewart - 2016

Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science, Greg Lehman - 2016

Mark Hines 

Injury Treatment & prevention - 2013

Muscle Physiology & Injuries - 2014

Sports Injuries Seminar - 2015

LCFC, Performance & Injuries Conference - 2014

Science+Football Conference - 2014

South Yorkshire Performance Seminar - 2015

Mental health awareness for sport and physical activity workshop - 2017

Precision Golf, PGA certified intelligent golf performance seminar - 2016

Rich Ellis PGA

Why does a golf swing look like it does? - 2017

Where does power actually come from? - 2017

The teachings of impact - 2018 

The Sport in Mind

Coach Development Workshop - 2014

Dan Abrahams - Football Psychology Workshop - 2014

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