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Football and golf performance

Football methodology

football fitness, strength and rehab

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Golf performance

I work as part of a wider team REAL GOLF, with PGA pros & golf clinicians to train elite level golfers or serious golf clients. My job is to assess then give the golfer as much range needed and condition that range using several techniques for the coaches to work on the skill of golf.

My Services

My Approach

My approach combines my innate love of sports, playing football professionally, my qualifications in the science of the human body and experience of training and conditioning since 1996.

I have been privileged enough to learn from some of the best movement specialists, coaches an clinicians in the world. Dr Gary Gray, Dr Dave Tiberio, John Hardy, Vern Gambetta, Dr Nick Studholme and Raymond Verheijen. In doing so, I’ve developed robust and proven skills in movement, coaching, conditioning and periodisation.

​For me it’s key to understand all the key movements and techniques that go into ‘the whole’ of your sporting activity. It’s about developing precision and strength in the component parts, in order to consistently enhance performance both in training and in ‘doing’ your sport.











How it works


Working with what the client wants and needs for their specific function and or sport we try and replicate the movement/s at those muscles & joints to get the maximum carry over. Their is a thought process behind the conditioning for the sport/task and as we are all task driven keeping it close to the movement and being able to condition the whole kinetic chain to decelerate as efficient as possible should then improve their movements for the specific demands they need.


The specific movements I look at will depend on what the clients’ area of interest and also what their specific goal or injury is at the time. I work with a brilliant team of coaches and clinicians, together we ensure that where relevant we can diagnose, treat, condition and coach better movements to improve performance and decrease injury.

Football performance
I work individually and with a team of football physios and sports clinicians. We work with individual players, managers and/or clubs to coach, assess, condition, analysis and periodize their training, rehab and coaching to improve their performance. 
     Fitness, ski & 
sports performance

With almost 22 years experience I have been personal training clients for their goals or sports with excellent results. Using a gym, powerplate & skiiplex to improve ski performance. 

           Consulting, workshops & education


I worked as a mentor for Faster Education on their AFT, diploma in functional performance and specialist in football and golf performance courses, working either in a one-to-one format or with small groups. I co wrote Powerplate golf performance education for 2014. Co presented in UK and europe at Fitpro, LIW & FIBO performance and therapy techniques. Golf fitness consultant for National club golfer magazine.

Your results matter

My success lays in my clients results. In their improved fitness, change in confidence, reduction in injury, better sporting technique and in their enhanced performance.

I’ve had some great success stories over the last few years using the methods and approaches described here. One football team reduced their injury rate to a level of zero injuries for a 7 month period from November to May. One top player went from 5 hamstring injuries in a season to none, playing every game of the season. I’ve seen footballers improve their reaction time, their overall footballing strength and their ability to get back from injury faster than with conventional approaches.

By becoming golf strong, rather than gym strong, I train my golfing clients the techniques and training exercises that allow maximum carry over to their sport. The golfers I train improve every area of their game, including the strength of their swing and the ball flight distance too.

Ultimately the most important part of my job is my client. If I can use the skills I have learnt to help my client perform to their very best, then I am performing to my very best too.

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